Sample California Association of Realtors Contracts

When you hire a Realtor to buy or sell a home for you, the Realtor has access to contracts and forms created by the California Association of Realtors (CAR). The contracts are constantly being updated by their legal team to help protect all parties in the transaction. In the old days (2002 and before), printed contracts were available that Realtors used to write in info. A the beginning of 2003, a significant change was made to the Purchase Contract and at that time CAR no longer made printed forms available and only provided updated forms via the the Internet. This allows new forms to be updated and immediately available to Realtors rather than risking an inventory of older printed forms to be used up before new ones were then used.

All the agents on the team use the most up-to-date forms. 

The CAR real estate forms are used to create legally binding contracts. Just as with any other contract, you should have the time to read the contract you'll be signing. To often, people are given a multi-page contract and are expected to sign it within minutes. provides sample contracts and forms that are typically used in a real estate transaction to our clients. This gives you the opportunity to review these way ahead of time. We are happy to answer any questions but you may want to consult with an attorney on any legal questions as we don't provide legal advice.

Note: We used to provide sample forms years ago but the CAR attorneys said we couldn't. We then put them behind a password for our clients to access but we received too many calls from people not intending to be our clients but just wanting access to the forms for free. We decided to keep this page on the site as it helps with our search engine rankings but it isn't linked from any page on our site. If you are searching for forms to use yourself, most office supply stores have basic forms you can buy but it's unknown if they will hold up in court if you're sued.  Realtors pay for the CAR forms to be maintained and updated as part of the yearly membership fees so if you'd like to use an up-to-date CAR form in a transaction, hire a Realtor!

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