What do you offer?

We offer a Luxury Listing Service at a fair price. A $9,900 flat-fee for homes up to $1 Million and 1% for homes over $1 Million. (Note: the seller also pays the Buyers Brokerage a commission (2.25-2.5%)). We offer more than most higher-priced listing services. We'd appreciate the opportunity to interview for the job of representing you in the sale of your home!

We can offer a lower fee for our Listing Service as we have low overhead and we don’t split the commission with multiple people and corporations. We pass on these savings to homeowners.

Read what Sellers said about our listing service at the bottom of this page.

Included in Our Luxury Listing Service

Professional Photograhy

Photos are the most important part of your digital presentation.We hire a photographer to take the photos.

Aerial Photgraphy

Aerial photos show a unique perspective of your property. We hire a drone photographer for these shots if they are beneficial to the property presentation.

Matterport Virtual Tour

Matterport is the Cadillac of virtual tours that some home buyers expect to see when looking at homes online. While Matterport tours are on a lot of listings in Southern and Northern California, only a small percentage of SLO County listings offer them. We'll make sure your listing is one that DOES have a Matterport tour.


We'll take time lapse and/or fly-around videos if beneficial to the property presentation.

Property Website

A custom web site with two domain names. For example, www.1128aidin.com.. We don't use long, hard to remember URLs (ex. www.retour3.com/jfdl343?mls).

Pricing and Negotiatons

We'll evaluate the current market to propose a price and then negotiate the best deal for you!

No Dual Agency

Dual Agency is when the listing agent also represents a buyer. When Dual Agency happens, the agent is forbidden, by law, to represent either party's best interests. No advice can be given, no negotiations between parties, or anything else that would benefit one party over the other or you can end up in court. We won't adandon our 100% committment to your best interests in order to "double end" the tranasaction (make both sides of the commission) while providing a LIMITED service with an increased LEGAL RISK for the seller. Read this article from Realtor Magazine

Contracts and Disclosuress

We have more experience with contracts, disclosures, and the escrow process than any other listing brokerage in SLO County.

Two Brokers

You'll have TWO brokers working hard to sell your home. Keith Byrd focuses on the pricing and marketing of your home. Tanya Knowles handles the contracts, disclosures, and escrow process. Only 30% of Realtors have a Brokers license. You'll have two brokers representing your best interests throughout the entire selling process.

See our listing service marketing in action. Click the 1128aiden.com button to see how we present a home online! Compare our home presentation with any other listing service. If you're considering selling your home, please allow us to come interview for the job of listing your home and representing your best interests.

Here's what our listing service saves you vs. a 2.5% listing commission

Sold Price Savings

The pricing for our listing service is a $9,900 flat-fee for properties up to $1 Million and 1% for properties over $1 Million.


Seller Testimonials

Keith Byrd was highly recommended to me as a listing agent by a friend of mine, and I will say I am extremely pleased that I chose him. First, I was blown away with how quickly he was able to get my house listed, with all the professional images and aerial photography, as well as the Matterport virtual tour. Keith is a hard-working, seasoned professional, super easy to work with, and he knows the real estate market very well. He made my entire experience enjoyable, with his good-natured personality and positive attitude. Keith was there for me every step of the way; he listened, answered all my questions, stayed in solution-mode, and he went above and beyond what I expected of him as we navigated the selling process together. His rates are more than reasonable, and he takes ownership in making sure the sale goes smoothly. Tanya, is excellent as well, performing all the behind-the-scenes documents and transaction details. I highly recommend Keith as a listing agent and would use him again in a heartbeat.

- Laura D. (Seller)     Saved $12,750 (vs. a 2.5% listing service commission)

We recently listed and sold our home with Keith Byrd at SLO County Homes. We were given a good recommendation for him from good friends that had listed and sold their home recently. Keith is so personable and knowledgeable that he made the process so easy. The photos were beautiful and showed our home just the way we wanted. His team did a great job. From day one it was so professional and Keith has a great sense of humor which helps ease the process of selling your home too. Would recommend him to anyone thinking of selling their home. You will be in good hands with Keith Byrd.

- Rochelle and Walt H. (Seller)     Saved $32,600

After contracting for a new residence (precariously contingent upon a top-dollar sale of my Nipomo home), I needed to optimize my proceeds and accelerate the sale. I looked for a realtor with a proven gift for strategy, a willingness to shave the listing commission, widespread experience, and a commitment to no dual agency. In choosing Keith Byrd, I found all this and more, receiving far greater than I paid for. With integrity and sensitivity, Keith and Tanya achieved a highly successful outcome, making it possible for me to “make good” on the contract for my new home. I am beyond grateful for their guidance and service.

- Lea D. (Seller)     Saved $27,725

Thank you, Keith and Tanya, for your professionalism, experience, guidance, and always being graciously available to answer our questions and assist us that you provided in the sale of our house.  The savings on your commission was the icing on the cake.  I would highly recommend (and already have!) your services to everyone I know.  Thank you again for making this stressful process flow smoothly and efficiently.

- Jan H.. (Seller)     Saved $15,670

You and Tanya have been fantastic to work with and exceeded my expectations.

- Ron H. (Seller)     Saved $32,475

When we needed to sell our home we were met with a challenge. The house next door sold for a low price and no other similar properties were sold in Cayucos this past year. The appraised value of our house seemed really low compared to what we thought current value was. Keith's strategy was to market the home as coming soon and do a price increase before we went on the market to create lots of demand which worked great! The photos, aerial shots, and the virtual tour were outstanding and helped with us getting two offers from buyers before they even toured in person! We had twelve showings on our first day and got a great offer that was almost $200,000 over the appraised price. Both Tanya and Keith were helpful throughout the entire process and always very responsive to our questions. We received way more for our home than we ever expected, and saved $30,000 more in commissions. A FIVE STAR experience! If you are selling your home, I'd highly recommend choosing Tanya and Keith.

- Cheyl O. (Seller)      Saved $27,324

Thank you both for your good instincts, guidance and expertise. I couldn't be happier with the process and result.

- Susannah W. (Seller)     Saved $12,100

I am a long time Real Estate Broker from the Central Valley. Commissions are reasonable in the Valley, however, here at the Central Coast I feel commissions are outrageous, especially in the current real estate market. That is why I chose Keith & Tanya to represent me in the sale of my home. I was given all the attention and full service that one would expect in the listing and selling of my home, from the listing in the MLS, professional photography, to the professionalism of both Keith and Tanya. They are available whenever you have a question, by text, phone, or e mail. I might add, I received two full price offers on day two of my listing. From a former Real Estate Broker since 1978, I highly recommend Keith & Tanya for professional listing and selling experience at a flat listing fee.

- Rebecca K.. (Seller)     Saved $21,350