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Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park - Arroyo Grande CA

Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Estates
765 Mesa View Drive
Arroyo Grande CA 93420
Park land: Leased

Space Rent: see Sold info below

Amenities: clubhouse, pool, spa, sauna

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Arroyo Grande Manufactured/Mobile Homes Sold in 2006 (through November 5th)

# Selling PriceSq Footage BedroomsBathrooms Mobile Park Property SubtypeMonthly Space RentSelling Date
149000.00500 1.001.00Grande Mobile Manor MH Park Leased Lnd275.00 04/28/2006
265000.00720 2.002.00Mesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd 607.0008/14/2006
371000.00816 3.002.00Mesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd 430.0009/06/2006
477000.001140 2.002.00Mesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd 623.2805/08/2006
578900.001440 3.002.00Mesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd 347.7102/07/2006
682500.001368 2.002.00Halcyon EstatesMH Park Leased Lnd455.3205/19/2006
788900.001200 3.002.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 729.0001/20/2006
892000.001200 2.002.00California Grandmothers Mobil Home ParkMH Park Leased Lnd185.00 05/17/2006
999900.001440 3.002.00Mesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd 754.0002/21/2006
1099900.000 3.002.00Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park MH Park Leased Lnd0.0003/20/2006
1195000.00840 2.002.00Grandmother's ParkMH Park Leased Lnd0.0010/12/2006
12105000.001150 3.002.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 771.0001/31/2006
13109000.001500 3.002.00Mesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd 301.0005/16/2006
1497000.001350 2.002.00Sunrise TerraceMH Park Owned Lnd0.0008/30/2006
15122000.001300 3.002.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 781.0009/08/2006
16132500.001440 2.002.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 584.8809/29/2006
17129000.001792 3.002.00Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park MH Park Leased Lnd739.61 06/06/2006
18139000.001150 2.002.00Grande Mobile ManorMH Park Leased Lnd395.0010/05/2006
19135000.001600 3.002.00Mesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd 774.2111/03/2006
20155000.001650 3.002.00 MH On Leased Lnd 700.5709/20/2006
21169000.001896 4.003.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 777.5203/23/2006
22172000.001586 3.002.00Mesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd 777.1205/03/2006
23182500.001570 3.002.00Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park MH Park Leased Lnd0.0001/13/2006
24189500.001765 3.002.00Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park MH Park Leased Lnd0.0007/07/2006
25193000.001411 3.002.00KenMar Mobile Home ParkMH Park Leased Lnd425.0007/11/2006
26196500.001675 3.002.00Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park MH Park Owned Lnd908.00 10/23/2006
27202000.001608 3.002.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 410.0007/14/2006
28200000.001650 3.002.00lMesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd743.0005/04/2006
29210000.001900 3.002.00Mesa DunesMH Park Leased Lnd 930.0009/15/2006
30239000.001344 2.002.00Sunrise TerraceMH Park Leased Lnd0.0001/11/2006
31245000.000 2.002.00 MH On Leased Lnd 0.0004/06/2006
32250000.001464 3.002.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 0.0009/07/2006
33250000.000 3.002.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 0.0002/07/2006
34262000.001152 2.002.00Sunrise TerraceMH Park Owned Lnd175.0009/01/2006
35283000.001040 2.002.00Sunrise TerraceMH Park Leased Lnd0.0005/26/2006
36260000.00960 2.002.00Sunrise TerraceMH Park Leased Lnd0.0006/27/2006
37299000.000 2.002.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 0.0006/07/2006
38315000.001248 2.002.00 MH Park Leased Lnd 0.0008/31/2006
39300000.001440 2.002.00Sunrise TerraceMH Park Leased Lnd0.0007/21/2006
40325000.001452 3.002.00Sunrise Mobile EstatesMH Park Owned Lnd0.0008/02/2006
41339000.001344 3.002.00Sunrise Terrace Senior Park MH Park Owned Lnd0.0005/11/2006
42345000.001600 2.002.00Sunrise TerraceMH Park Owned Lnd0.0006/01/2006
43375000.001400 2.002.00Sunrise Terrace Mobile Home Park MH Park Leased Lnd0.0004/04/2006
44429000.001440 3.002.00Sunrise TerraceMH Park Owned Lnd0.0003/28/2006
45810000.000 2.001.00 MH On Owned Lnd 0.0008/04/2006
46842000.002200 3.002.00 MH On Owned Lnd 0.0008/04/2006
471300000.003500 6.004.00 MH On Owned Lnd 0.0006/23/2006

Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park - Arroyo Grande, CA

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