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Keith Byrd's San Luis Obispo
Real Estate BLOG (weB LOG)

a journal of real estate facts, experiences, and other stuff in San Luis Obispo County

October 19, 2004

(Another techno-geek tidbit for those who care. I took this from my web logs):

Based on 4083 visits to over the last week, here are the Operating System people are using:

Windows XP - 54.9%
Windows 98 - 12.2%
Others - 11%
Windows 2000 - 10%
Mac OS - 5.4%
Windows ME - 2.9%
Linux - 1.2%
Windows NT -  1%
Windows 95 - 0.9%
Windows Win32s - 0.4%
Windows Server 2003 - 0.09%
Sun OS - 0.03%

October 17, 2004

Here is the MLS activity for the Central Coast for the month of October thus far:

New Listings - 406
Back on Market - 107
Price Changes - 325
Contingent - 41
Pending - 378

October 9, 2004

There was a reported shark attack last week (bit a surfboard) and two other sightings later on in the week. I took a walk on the Pismo Pier about an hour ago and found more people standing on the pier watching the surfers than usual.  Hmmm...
 Here are a few pics I took. One of the "shark watch(?)", the other a cool sandcastle.



October 5, 2004

A division of Shea Homes named Trilogy has purchased 1,100 of the 1,200 lots in the Woodlands development in Nipomo. First phase could be ready in late 2005.

October 4, 2004

An article appeared in the Telegram Tribune today on the topic of the desalination plant in Cambria. The article can be found here. Not sure how long the Trib keeps these links active.

October 1, 2004

Wow, it's October already!

If you didn't notice it on my home page, I just listed a beauty out by the Mesa. It's almost 3500 square feet and sits right next to an open space filled with tall trees. You can find details on it here.

Let's see, what else is news....
- there was an article in the paper about the possible development in Pismo behind the Post Office near Old Oak Park Rd. Water is still a concern. Doesn't sound like any new news. Looks like the newly elected officials will need to deal with this one.
- Nipomo also is worried about water and is considering reducing the amount of permits.
- The Los Osos sewer location is still getting some coverage in the local papers.
- Duke Energy has not signed their lease with the city of Morro Bay and the city is threatening to evict them (ouch). Sounds like Duke is trying to sell the power plant but there currently aren't any takers. Maybe I could list them on my web site so they can get exposure to buyers :)

September 27, 2004

People are asking more and more if the market is slowing down. I did sense a slowdown a few weeks ago, but that was Labor Day and this is typical. Based on the amount of inquiries I've received from people looking for properties in the last 7 days, I have to say that it sure doesn't feel like a slow down at all! 

From a statistics standpoint, I last reported the MLS activity for the first 10 days of September. Here is the info from September 11th until today:

New Listings = 450
Back on Market = 137
Price Change = 368
Contingent = 41
Pending Sale= 430


September 23, 2004

I was up at Cal Poly yesterday (first week of school). When I'm up there, I always try to go by the Housing board in the University Union to get an idea on what student rentals are going for. The majority of rooms were going from $475-$575 a month. I saw one ad for a detached 1 bedroom guest house. This was $800/month.

The prices seem a bit lower than what I remembered them to be last Spring. Maybe it's because school has already started?

September 21, 2004

Current Inventory as of 9/21/04 (information obtained from the MLS):

Single Family Homes:
Arroyo Grande - 76
Oceano - 19
Nipomo - 16
Cayucos - 15
Morro Bay - 32
Los Osos - 39
San Luis Obispo - 88
Avila Beach - 9
Pismo Beach - 40
Grover Beach - 40

Arroyo Grande - 8
Oceano - 1
Nipomo - 5
Morro Bay - 2
San Luis Obispo - 11
Avila Beach - 4
Pismo Beach - 5
Grover Beach - 5

Homes on Acreage (1 acre or more):
Arroyo Grande - 32
Nipomo - 27
Cayucos - 3
Morro Bay - 2
Los Osos - 4
San Luis Obispo - 9
Avila Beach - 1


I thought this might be interesting. This is where visitors were accessing from in the last 7 days. The list is ranked by amount of visitors (unknown means my web reporting software couldn't figure out the country by what was in the access logs). Nothing like worldwide coverage! 
1 United States
2 Unknown
3 Canada
4 Sweden
5 Korea, Republic of
6 Germany
7 France
8 Netherlands
9 Poland
10 Spain
11 United Kingdom
12 Japan
13 China
14 Mexico
15 Italy
16 Uruguay
17 Hong Kong
18 Australia
19 Slovakia
20 Turkey
21 Slovenia
22 Singapore
23 Argentina
24 Venezuela
25 Taiwan
26 Belgium
27 Switzerland
28 Georgia
29 Costa Rica
30 India
31 Hungary
32 Nigeria
33 Cote D'Ivoire
34 Romania
35 Chile
36 Peru


September 14, 2004

North Grover Beach has got to be one of the better investment opportunities in the County right now. I get a lot of people emailing me, looking for property that's walking distance to the beach. North Grover Beach is the only place left that you can get a home for under $500K, that's blocks to the beach. Not in Cayucos, not in Morro Bay, not in Avila, not in Pismo, and not even in Oceano. With a limited amount of property that can claim to be blocks to the beach, North Grover Beach is bound to catch up to the pricing of the other areas.

It's already starting to happen. Last year, a home selling for $350K can get around $450K this year. A home in the 900 block of 4th street came on the market today, asking price is $425K. It's 2 bedroom but looks in good condition based on the photos. My prediction is that this property will not last long.

If you're looking for property for investment, take a look at North Grover Beach (specifically, the area North of Grand Ave from 1st to around 10th St.).


September 10, 2004

MLS Activity for Central Coast properties for the first 10 days of September:

- 284 New Listings
- 80 Back on Market
- 193 Price Changes
- 27 Contingent
- 259 Pending
- 29 Expired
- 60 Withdrawn


September 6, 2004

Wow, what a HOT weekend. This has been the hottest couple days all summer. 93 in Pismo Beach on Sunday and it's that hot again today. San Luis Obispo broke a record at 103 yesterday (99 was the previous high).

I purchased a new digital camera (well upgraded one). I currently use 3 cameras, a Nikon 5400 which has a wide angle lens that helps in photos of rooms in homes, a Nikon 990 that works with my virtual tour lens attachment, and a Canon Powershot Digital Elph. The Canon is a small camera that I carry around with me to take photos of homes I preview for clients and other stuff. I purchased the Canon when they first came out and the size is really nice. I recently upgraded this camera to the S500, a 5 MegaPixel version that's the same size. I just took a quick walk to the pier to try it out. Here are some photos (click on thumbnail for a larger version). These are straight out of the camera. I did reduce the large ones to 1024x768 size.

Great day for the Beach The line at Splash Cafe
(around 2 PM)
Wide Out!
Boarder vs. Boogie
Time for some sufin!


September 4, 2004

An interesting legal suit has been filed in Morro Bay. A group of residents of the Cloisters subdivision have sued the city to stop a $1,200 special tax to upkeep the park. Their argument is that it's not a private park so they shouldn't have to pay. Plus, they are asking for $460,000 in tax refunds. There has been some interesting "Letters to the Editor" in the Telegram Tribune the last few days. Things like... "They should have known about the tax before they purchased so why are they asking for a refund?" and "The park is adding to their property value so they should be happy."  It should be interesting to see how this turns out!


August 31, 2004

Been about a week since I blogged. Things have slowed down in real estate land recently. It could be the pre-Labor Day cool down or is it something else?? We'll have to wait to see if things pick up after the holiday weekend.

Lets's see what's going on...Nipomo is starting to talk about limiting the number of building permits because of a concern about ground water...Not much lately on the Los Osos sewer. I'm on their mailing list and it's been kinda quiet since the Coastal Commission gave their go-ahead. There was talk about a law suit to stop construction from beginning so maybe that's the next thing we'll here...School has started on the Central Coast except for Cal Poly which starts September 20th.

I read about this new type of scavenger hunt called GeoCaching. Using a GPS, you punch in coordinates given to you, go find the place, and then look under leaves and things for hidden "caches". The website is here: I picked up a handheld GPS from for about $80 and I'm about to go with my daughters to try to find our first cache.


August 24, 2004

Woodlands Update (a significant development happening in Nipomo)-
Someone just sent me a question asking about Woodlands but didn't include an email address so I thought I'd respond here. I know that they have started clearing the land but I'm not up on what the current target for first home sales is. I've tried finding Woodlands info on the net but can't find much at all. I did find a map which I printed out and hung on the wall here in my Showcase Center.

If anyone can email me the projected schedule for the Woodlands, I'll put it on this page.


August 22, 2004

24 properties went on the market since yesterday and are on our "Realtor Hotsheet". Only 6 of these have a photo. I know I'm repeating myself but in case you haven't read my older entries, have multiple photos of your home on your MLS listing the DAY it goes on the market!  Seeing a "Photo Not Available" doesn't excite a Realtor when they first see your home on the MLS. And, your property will only be on the "HotSheet" for less than 2 days. Then your next Realtor (hopefully me!) can launch your home on the market with a BANG!  You can put in the Listing Contract that if the photos don't appear when promised, you can cancel the Listing Agreement. It's easy to check too. Just have your Realtor email you a link to the MLS listing after they have entered it (this is what I do for all my listings!). It's also good for you to check all the other info entered in the MLS listing. Catch and correct any typos or incorrect info before a Buyer holds you to something "in print".


August 21, 2004

In a few weeks, I'll be using a new state-of-the-art lockbox on my listings. This new lockbox uses a smartcard which increases the security that someone isn't going to get your home key that's sitting in the lockbox. I will also be able to download the time and what agent showed your home. Here is what it will look like:


August 20, 2004

I'm getting asked more and more recently how the market is. Is it slowing down??

Here's what the MLS activity has been on the Central Coast for the first 20 days of August:
(homes and condos)

- 624 New properties came on the market
- 141 Back on the Market
- 372 Price changes
- 576 Pending (opened escrow)


August 15, 2004

Sometimes you have to leave the Central Coast in order to really appreciate where you live. I went to Ventura today and when driving back (Sunday afternoon), the traffic was barely moving on 101 from Ventura all the way to downtown Santa Barbara. OUCH!  When I drove into Pismo this evening I was greeted with clear blue skies, wonderful temperature, and a slower pace of life that I have come to expect. My big question of the moment is if I go walk down to the pier to watch the sunset (I'm in my office on Pomeroy typing this). Never mind, decision made. Gotta go.


August 11, 2004

A condo in Pismo Shores came on the market yesterday at $1.375M (not an oceanfront one). 


August 10, 2004

A parcel with 14 "as-is" units came on the market in downtown Avila Beach (Second Street). Over 16,000 sq foot lot zoned R-3. Asking $2.85M.


August 9, 2004

July 2004 Summary (Data from MLS including SLO County and Santa Maria):

- 940 New Listings
- 851 Pending
- 242 Back on Market
- 50 Expired
- 518 Price Changes


August 5, 2004

A 2600 sq foot home in The Cloisters came on the market for $1.6M. Has views of Morro Rock and the ocean.

A 5 bedroom single-story home on 10 acres on the Mesa is available for $1.78M.

Two units near Cal Poly (on Mill St) came on the market as "true fixer-uppers". One unit needs foundation work. Only $850K.  Down the street a bit, a 6-unit complex just listed at $990K.


August 1, 2004

A whopping 519 Central Coast properties had a price change last month (July). There were 491 price changes in June, and 361 in May (statistics obtained by running a "price change" report in the MLS for each month).

A price change is part of the home selling process. You don't want to leave money on the table. In this up market, you don't know what a Buyer may pay for a home, especially in the higher price ranges. Sometimes, there aren't that many comparables to help determine the exact price. If you price a home at what you think a Buyer may pay for it and then get few showings and no offers, this says one of two things:

1) You are overpriced
2) You house didn't get enough exposure to buyers

The $8,000 you may be saving on commissions won't matter much when you unnecessarily drop your price by $50,000.

Ask for a detailed marketing plan before you sign a Listing Contract with an agent!  If your agent recommends a price decrease, you should feel confident that everything has been done up to that point to generate a buyer.



For Keith's Blog Archive (July 2004 and before) GO HERE


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